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Large Mixed Semi Precious Bracelet

Semi Precious Stone
    • 8mm gold filled or sterling silver beads 
    • 4mm semi precious stone beads 
    • Handmade
    • Roll bracelet onto wrist for best results 
    • Amazonite: promotes good luck and confidence, helps you communicate truth with balance and integrity
    • African Turquoise: stone of evolution, encourages growth and development in order to inspire someone to pursue their intended purpose 
    • Moonstone: a nourishing, sensual, deeply feminine energy that heals and brings you back to wholeness
    • Turquoise: associated with personal protection against negative forces
    • Labradorite: stone of transformation, useful companion through change, giving us strength and perseverance 
    • Black Spinel: stone that repels negativity while empowering, inspiring, and allowing us to find calmness and elliminate sadness
    • Tiger Eye: helps you release fear and anxiety, aids harmony and balance, and helps you make decisions
    • Garnet: associated with the heart, blood, and inner fire, symbol of love, stands for the safe retrun of a friend or loved one
    • Hematite: grounds and protects us, stregthens our connection with the earth, makes us feel secure and safe.

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